Why OUT OF HOME (OOH) Advertising?

  • OOH is a key part of the strategies for brand building
  • OOH creates multiply effects as a part of the integrated marketing communication strategy
  • OOH affects the audience at so called “active space” – the time people are spending outdoor. It is considered, that a higher level of physical activity affects the human’s perception stronger, in a marketing way.
  • OOH builds the product’s image and enlarges the sales
  • OOH features a lot of different formats, locations and technologies
  • OOH provides high frequency of brand visibility for short period of time.
  • OOH production is a lot cheaper and faster compared with the TVC or a radio spot production
  • OOH allows precise definition of the specific audiences, related to the location of the advertising units
  • OOH has low CPT
  • OOH is the only media, which is not dependable by the audience’s preferences.
  • OOH can’t be turned on, turned off or switched to another channel
  • OOH affects the audience 24/7